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down begins today but we do not feel relief until the weekend. we are starting off humid and that can temperatures warm over night. the humidity is still at 85%. i temperatures into the low 90's. downtown in the mid-90's. there is a chance of thunderstorms today but the best chance is toward the afternoon. the front has not moved through yet but it will this weekend and that will bring cooler weather. >> good morning, everybody. if you going onto the parkway, one accident already at 100. a single vehicle. police are trying to clear it. 95 is your alternate. we want to remind you of those closures along with art scape closures near preston and all of those streets. 11 minutes is your drive time on
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the west side. 10 minutes on southbound 95. here is a view of traffic. we will update you coming from the eastern shore toward the bay bridge. no delay there. 95 showing a nice start at the fort mchenry plaza. no delays to report to the tunnel. that is the very latest. >> police are trying to determine what caused an accident in southwest baltimore. police responded to the area just before 11:00 last night where they found a motor bike rider was injured. paramedics treated him. no word on his condition. we cannot get away from the severe weather. the extreme weather has taken a toll on central maryland.
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>> now it is being blamed for two house fires. the first was last night. the couple that lives there says lightning hit their braker and then they lost power and they smelled smoke. he and his wife got out but the house was destroyed by water damage. >> the clothes i have are on my back. i cannot get into the house to see if anything is salvageable. again, we are alive. >> crews responded to another fire in annapolis. lightning may have traveled through a conductor in the home and that sparked a fire in the basement. >> the heat has not slowed down efforts to repair the broken water main which happened on monday. workers also replaced a nearby tent's line after an assessment determined they were at risk for rupturing. officials say they are taking steps to prevent similar situations.
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>> we are going to go from 5 miles in terms of rehabilitation to 20 miles. that is going to increase until we do 40 miles a year. >> this is vintage video of the main break it happened at that same intersection in 1980. repairs on this latest break will take up to three weeks, causing headaches for drivers downtown. officials tell us how it will affect artscape. >> it will not be impacted but of course there are closures in place for the artscape. >> many areas have already closed. for a complete list and alternate routes, go to wbal .com. >> are big story this morning, a
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major impact for police in maryland. the robber -- judge roberts says they can collect dna samples after arrests. jennifer franciotti is outside police headquarters to explain. >> good morning. it is a temporary change but it is being considered a victory by law enforcement. the court of appeals ruled -- ruled that police could not collected dna samples after arrests. it was sparked by a request to take a look at the case of holon soaking -- alonzo king. they rolled his rights had been violated. >> the supreme court took the position that until we have a chance to take a look at this, we're going to put the brakes on the court of appeal's decision. >> the order allowing dna
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collection to resume will stay in effect until king response to a petition to the supreme court. more on that part of the story coming up at 5:30. >> an update now, authorities say a half-dozen marijuana plants were found. the sheriff's office say they were turned over to the task force. there was evidence of a pot growing operation. police have made no arrests. the fire, which burned nearly 50 acres, maybe related to the operation. >> martin o'malley will have new gambling rigid rigid legislation by tomorrow. this is after a 90 minute meeting on wednesday which opposes plans to add a sixth casino but the support of that delegation is needed to pass a gaming bill. the governor wants to offset
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potential losses because of increased competition. >> we believe we can take the money and put it in baltimore city, and divide it out, and the percentages were baltimore city would get its full expectation of money. >> the delegation will meet in a week to scrutinize the bill. the governor will decide if a special session should be called. >> 76 degrees. and we are a week away from the start of the olympic games but not everybody is ready for the competition. >> george zimmerman speaks out for the first time since shooting trayvon martin. what he had to say. >> here is a look at traffic. things moving smoothly. volumes are still light at this
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hour. we will get a closer a book when we c
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>> 81 degrees downtown at the inner harbor. that is our live shot. the sun will be coming up in 15 minutes. there will be some clouds in the sky and a chance for rain. you have to worry about a shower or thunderstorm. other than that no other concerns. waves about 1 foot. the next high tide is at 7:29. just about anyone with a chance for a shower, especially as we
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go toward the afternoon. much cooler today, relatively speaking. highs in the low-90's. downtown could be in the mid- 90's. the mountains in the upper 70's. details coming up in the seven day. >> george zimmerman speaks for the first time since the shooting and killing trayvon martin. in an interview on fox news, he discussed the 90 shot martin. he says it was the teenager that initiated the dead the conversation. more on the interview coming up in our 6:00 hour. >> president obama kicks off a two de tour of florida discussing his plans to create a middle-class jobs and pay down the national debt. mitt romney is looking to shift the focus away from his time at
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bain capital. more on a live report coming up at 5:30. >> the security company in charge of guarding the london games says about half of them are ready. the ceo says he learned of the situation two weeks ago. organizers are confident it will not impact the safety of the games. the british military is being deployed. >> 76 degrees. retailers sweetest dreams. the back-to-school season is already here. were you can score some discounts. >> you maybe get by with a little help from your friends but the price of french, next in our consumer alert. >> if you are heading out on the [ male announcer ] want the most enjoyment from your home entertainment?
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>> checking on your morning commute. right now we have a new problem in the northbound direction. as you make your approach to the beltway, watch for possible delays. meantime, you will find delays in the city, due to the water main break repairs. we also want to remind you of artscape closures in the area of mount royal and also portions of
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howard. all of those roads in the district. it is take a look at dry times. 11 minutes on the outer loop. about 10 minutes to travel south on 95 from the beltway toward 32. here is a view of traffic. going away from us is southbound traffic. the incident is northbound. but no sign of it in this camera. we will let you know once we get more. northbound traffic looks good at 175. that is the latest on traffic polls 11. now let's go to dave allen of the mta. >> good morning. the 61, 64, 120 buses are diverted. 21 of preston in cathedral for the artscape preparations. so far so good for light rail and the trains.
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have a sick day today. >> we are starting off with dry conditions but i want to rewind to the radar yesterday as the thunderstorms pushed in. you can see the line starting in on the northern part of maryland. these came through the outside of baltimore and then they cleared out. now we are starting off with dry weather. a lot of clouds are already built in. a very warm start. 81 in the downtown area. 79 in annapolis. so much committed the overnight which caps -- kept the temperatures from falling. the high of 107 downtown. it took some time for those temperatures to fall. very humid with a dew point of 71. it is going to take some time
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until the air becomes a dreier -- becomes drier. 103 the record. we will be below that. we broke 102. there is a chance for thunderstorms today. it is much cooler, attend agrees that where we were yesterday. but i would not call this a cool day. expected to be hot and humid. typical for this time of year. some clubs built into the mid- atlantic. here is the cold front we are waiting for. it is taking its sweet time moving into the area and it will hang around for the next couple of days. that means our thunderstorm chance hangs around but then we dry out and the temperatures drop down as well. we are looking forward to that in the extended forecast. if you plan to go out early
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tomorrow, a chance for storms, 70% as we go into saturday. sunday looks to be the best day at ocean city. r seven day forecast showing that the thunderstorms threat on friday and saturday, by sunday, 84 and sunny skies. a great day to get outdoors. maybe the lawn will have to be cut. >> in this morning's consumer alert, if you have a house full of smartphone numbers, at&t will soon offer wireless plans that allow customers to connect up to 10 devices. it will receive unlimited-access and they will debut in late august. having those friends can break your bank. according to a survey, 31% of
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adults spend more money on their friends and what their friends spent on them. it also showed that money could destroy a french ship. 20% said they broke up with a friend over a money dispute. to you think money could change or and one of your friendships? you owe me $2. >> i will leave it on the table. [laughter] >> if your kids might not be excited about summer ending, but retailers are. back-to-school shopping. what the second big shopping season of the year means for your wallet. >> the thought of going back to school is a downer for most kids on summer break. for retailers, things are looking up. the annual survey of back-to- school shoppers find the average
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person with children will spend $688. that is up $85 from last year for a total of $30 billion. >> when you think about how much people are spending, a lot of them have had to make do and they want to make sure that their kids have everything they need. >> the bulk of the money will be spent on clothing, $246, followed by electronics. shoes, $129.90 $5 on supplies. retailers hope it will snap a streak of declines as consumers remain cautious. half of those surveyed said they will be seeking discounts. retailers say they will find plenty. back-to-school and back to campus shoppers are expected to spend $83 billion this year.
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this season ranks second only to the winter holiday. >> i am not looking forward to it. >> they look so happy to be spending their money. rushing into the store. coffee giants are, in africa for the perfect cup of joe. alan joins us from the new york stock exchange with our boot -- bloomberg business report. >> homeownership is no longer a guarantee for financial security. a report says that more than a million and a half americans have lost their homes and millions more are at risk. 60% are more than what their homes are worth. they are also finding african- americans and hispanics hardest hit. the agriculture department is warning that the drought situation is getting worse and
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it may persist for the rest of the season. the usda declaring 39 counties disaster areas and barclays says the surge in soybean prices may spur a third wave of food inflation. as for stocks, some small gains in futures. we had stocks' rally yesterday. a big part of that was builders breaking ground at the fastest pace in almost four years. let's talk coffee. the world consumed a 17 million pounds last year according to the agriculture department. with output on the decline, and they are turning to exploration. it helps finance the nonprofit organization world coffee research. the head of that goes through the african wilderness in search of of the perfect coffee bean. he is known as the indiana jones of coffee.
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we all need a nickname. that is a good one. >> when you work this early shift, and can appreciate what he is doing. back on the back-to-school shopping, a big changes this year compared to last year? >> that is right. parents are ready to open their wallets, spending the most since 2003. school supplies being recycled. i will tell you how much the average parent is willing to spend. and a big promotion from lays could make you a millionaire. >> we look forward to that. >> 5:23 and 76 degrees. dozens of students are expected to march today to support the dream? . >> why it is causing controversy.
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>> high school and college students will march this afternoon to raise awareness about the mayor lynn dream act. -- maryland dream act. >> it would allow undocumented immigrants to pay in state tuition. the issue will be on the ballot for maryland voters to decide. >> they will get good jobs and pay taxes. they can help us out. i believe that. i have seen that. where would we be without educated people? it is the american way. >> his comments came during a press conference. >> employees, students and faculty rallied.
5:27 am
25 of them were let go in an effort to close a $5.5 billion shortfall. protesters called for the school president to stop the layoffs and explain how the university could have a deficit into the fiscal year. >> are they going to have the people on the ground in order to give the students the services and the education they need or are they going to give it to a bunch of bureaucrats who sit around with the president and a slap each other's back? >> he responded to the protests saying that the recommended cuts were difficult but necessary to move forward. >> 5:27 and 76 degrees. coming up, -- >> keeping an eye out for a new city program. >> police can collected dna
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samples from some suspects. how long will it last? >> president obama talking jobs in florida today but mitt romney claims he only cares about one. >> and other warm and humid start to the date. more thunderstorms. details coming up. >> if you are preparing for your commute, we want to get you ready as well. we will update you
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>> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news. >> welcome back to 11 news today. >> thank you for joining us. today is national daiquiri day.
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boy, -- >> shaken are stirred? >> i would like to pour it all over me. we need something to cool down. my goodness was a hot. 104. we broke a record. 102 was the record. 107 at the inner harbor. unbelievably hot. cooler today. 76 right now at the airport. we expected to get into the upper 90's. no-90's outside the airport. that is relatively cooler. not as comfortable. >> i am picturing you pouring daiquiris all over yourself. >> it has ice in it. >> i knew what you were saying.
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>> we will see what is going on now there. a couple of things to watch for, the incident we are reporting on the jfx. be careful. the bulk of the volume is in the southbound direction. we will monitor that and let you know if we find delays. and there are closures in effect along metro, preston, oliver, all of those roads that are impacted. 11 minutes is your drive time. not bad on the west side. 10 minutes on south and 95. here is a view of traffic. we will see what is going on out there. not bad in terms of delays but the accident is just prior to this shot. that is the very latest on
5:33 am
traffic poults 11. -- pulse 11. >> president obama kicks off a tour through the sunshine state to talk about ways to create more jobs. >> mitt romney hopes to shift the focus telling supporters he only cares about his own job. >> president obama is hoping to sway voters in florida, especially independents, seniors, and veterans. both of them and our neck in neck. >> this is fabulous. >> in ohio, today and other for president obama in florida. a state with 29 electoral votes. romney is getting aggressive. >> his priority is trying to keep his job and that is why he is going to lose it. in the last six months, he has
5:34 am
helped 100 fund-raisers. guess how many meetings he has had with his jobs council? 0. >> a new video opposes the president of cronyism. >> the white house says -- >> ridiculous. totally false. unfounded. >> obama is ratcheting up attacks on his business record. pressing him on his tax return. >> it has become a tradition and it is important. you do not make them available -- >> obama is in jacksonville today and even though mitt romney is in boston for a fund- raiser, his wife is on the campaign trail in north carolina. >> thank you, i have a good day.
5:35 am
>> a major ruling from the supreme court that will impact the way police conduct investigations. jennifer franciotti is outside headquarters to explain. >> right now it is a temporary ruling that police can call like dna samples from certain suspects. even though it is temporary, law enforcement considers it a victory. in april, the court of appeals ruled police could no longer collect dna samples after arrests without a warrant. the chief justice john roberts has reversed that ruling, at least temporarily. it is a victory for law enforcement. >> it means they are free to collect dna upon our rest. it is back to business as usual. >> he was convicted of a rape
5:36 am
based on dna evidence taken after his arrest but the appeals ruled that his fourth amendment rights had been violated. >> the supreme court took the position that until we have a chance to take a look at this, we are going to put the brakes on the appeal's decision. >> the order to resume will remain in a factor until king response to the petition. police can start collecting immediately but as brown explains, the case has a long way to go. >> they can start collecting tomorrow. the case is overturned. that is to say, if the supreme court decides not to continue, it cannot be used. if they agree with maryland, it cannot be used. as simple as that. they can collect it, but they're going to have to wait and see what the decision is before it will be of any value to them.
5:37 am
>> king has until july 25 to respond to the petition. jennifer franciotti, wbal tv 11 news. >> the mayor announced a partnership to help police fight crime. it incorporates a data base of systems that allows authorities to identify systems in proximity to crime scenes. >> the partnership will allow more businesses and residents to support efforts to reduce crime in our neighborhood. >> the partnership is funded by grants by the ego foundation. >> stopping it sooner. a new indicator that helps doctors detect and prevent alzheimer's disease. >> adhd drugs have been concern for parents but a new study shows relief.
5:38 am
>> if you will be traveling on the northwest corner of the beltway, reports of an accident th
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>> welcome back. the time is 5:40 and it is 81 degrees downtown. a lot of clouds in the sky. hazy start the day. eventually we expect some air to push in the seven day forecast and also a cool down. today will be cooler than yesterday. the normal lowest 67. we expect to be a couple of degrees above normal as we reach a high of 92. still in the 90's on most of the
5:41 am
eastern shore. just about anyone could see or shower or thunderstorm. we will update that and show you that when we come back in the seven day forecast. >> a possible breakthrough in detecting alzheimer's sooner. >> a certain type of fat in the blood could increase their risk for the disease. a new study looked at nearly 100 women who did not have dementia. researchers monitored them for several years and found those with the highest level were 10 times more likely to develop alzheimer's. more studies are needed but researchers are hopeful this could lead to preventing the disease. many worry about the risk of adhd drugs. >> a new study shows it does not affect brain development. they looked at 16 primates that
5:42 am
were the age equivalent of 6-10 year-old humans. half were given a standard dose for more than a year. the brain scans reveal differences in the brains of those taking the drug compared to those who were not treated. >> 76 degrees. will he or won't he? that is the question around the safety this season. whether he will be playing when we are joined later in sports. >> if you are unhappy with your credit card, you are not alone. how a new web site can help. >> we are starting to get a bit of a break from the heat and humidity. sarah has the latest traffic updates when w
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>> good morning. a look at your morning commute to. not bad on most of the major
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roadways. we have been interviewed accident at 140. it is off to the side so at least that is good news. no. on jfx, an accident is being cleared and we have closures for the next three weeks due to water main break repairs and artscape closures in effect throughout the weekend. we will see what is going on on the jfx. going away from us is southbound traffic. obviously no sign of delay so that is good news. let's switch over to a view of traffic on the beltway. no sign of delays with the interloop accident. i can see it in the distance. it is all to the shoulder. 795 looks great. that is the latest now this get the latest on the trains with the dave allen of the mta. >> good morning.
5:46 am
87890 trains, at 8-10 minutes late. 8:41, running 8-10 minutes late. several diverting around the water main construction. along with the no. 23 and then the number 50 diverted. light rail and metro subway are looking good. now back to ava marie. >> we are starting the day dry as we look toward downtown but there are a couple showers we have to worry about. north of gaithersburg off toward the east. other than that it is hard to tell what is happening. the radar has a hard time when the atmosphere is humid. it causes the radar beam to bend when the atmosphere is tense. those are false echoes there.
5:47 am
showers could develop at any time. a better chance into the afternoon pure yet we are starting off warm, 81 downtown. 76 at the airport. the mountains are feeling the cooler weather as we are as near 61 in oakland. this means it is human outdoors. 71 at the airport. mid-70's zero across the short. we will not see a completely dry air just yet. although it is cooler today, highs will be in the 90's by the afternoon. even tonight, we are humid in toward the mid 70's. mostly cloudy skies. are high today is around 92. variable wind, waves about 1 foot. current weather pattern is showing the front trying to make its way here.
5:48 am
it is basically selling out across the ohio river valley. it is going to take a couple of days until it pushes past the area in which case we have a major cool down. ocean city, at 87 tomorrow. 81 on saturday. storms possible into saturday. sunday we start to dry down. we dry out into sunday. 8040 -- 84 degrees. >> the new web site is designed to take complaints from people who are unhappy with their credit cards. >> and give you an idea of how many people are having the same problems. what it is all about. >> when it comes to credit cards, we are often slow to change. >> i stick to one credit card. >> once every 20 years.
5:49 am
i have had the same card for many years. >> that does not mean we are always happy. there is a new web site that it tracks complaints against the largest banks and their credit cards. >> where you can actually go in as a consumer into the database and to see the complaints that have been filed by other users. >> the database and breaks down the entries by bank, a category, and zip code. there is no personal names used and on the one line if it has been resolved. this is by no means a complete report. >> users need to understand that it is not a full picture of the credit-card industry. >> this professors' says it could encourage banks to resolve more consumer complaints. >> no sure what -- issuer wants
5:50 am
to have the most complaints filed against it. >> it may not be the first thing you want to look at if you are considering changing credit cards. >> i would definitely check out the benefits. i know some of them have cash back. >> internet security. >> interest rate. >> none of that information is in the database. it shows the number one complaint is a billing dispute, interest rates, cancellations, and credit reports. a data pace could expand to include complaints about mortgages and other financial products. >> how about when it pays that my balance? the time is 5:50 and 76 degrees. would it be enough to pull the o's coming out of their slump? >> here is a look at last
5:51 am
night's numbers.
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>> now 11 sports. >> the orioles needed tommy to step up to give them a well pitched game last night and that is exactly what he did. they beat the twins last night to move back into second place in the east and back into a tie for the second wild-card spot. game 3 of this serious and how about adam? did he get a hold of this one? here is the pitch, a home run. just like that. it would be the only two runs the orioles would score. tommy hunter pitched into the eight. a nice play and nice turn from jj hardy. in the fourth, the twins scored their only run. i tell you what, willingham did not miss this one. 422 feet away.
5:55 am
that was the only run the twins scored. watch mark reynolds lay out for that one. 2-1 the orioles. 1:10 this afternoon start this afternoon. mark tweaked his wrist a little bit. hopefully he is ok. the ravens training camp begins and to no one's surprise, ed says he will report to camp and play this season. he said that to brent harris yesterday at his charity golf tournament. >> life is so much more than football. they want to see them making plays. i never thought about not playing. i always wanted to play for, five years after this. the player would be wrong not to
5:56 am
assess himself. that is what i was doing. i was reflecting. >> he loves the competition and the camaraderie. he loves to play four, five more years. the british open is under way in england. tiger woods teed off about an hour ago. he is tied for the lead right now. he birdied holes no. 1 and four. despite all of his problems, he is one of the favorites to win this thing and he is off to a good start. >> coming up in the next hour, talking for the first time. george zimmerman gives eight sit-down interview. -- a sit-down interview. >> the fda dance certain
5:57 am
chemicals in baby bottles. >> convenience stores force to replace light sized ads featuring the former they watch star. -- "baywatch" star.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> right now, severe weather. plus -- >> law enforcement will collect dna samples. i am jennifer franciotti. details are next.

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